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Welcome to the web page of Marian Dixon,  Equine and animal artist.
Paintings created of your horse, dog, cat or other pet.


Most people are passionate, highly emotional or downright obsessive about their pets. In many cases, they are all of the above. Whether your animal is a prized race horse, show jumper, champion best of breed at a dog show or a beloved recycled dog or cat from the local animal shelter, they all occupy a special place in our hearts.
I have focused my passion for animals into creating works of art to celebrate the unique position they occupy in our lives, whether they are domestic or wildlife.  Most of my work is created using my own photographs, as I value the connection I feel between the animal and the camera, which then translates on to the canvas.
Browse the galleries  to view a selection of some of my previous paintings.  Some of these images are still for sale, while others are in private collections.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss prices and determine availability.  For more information regarding commissions go to the Services page.

My latest work is now added to this web page following my successful solo exhibition held in  Rockingham in November 2016.