Sale of Paintings

Many of the paintings shown on this website are still available for sale.  Please contact me to ascertain price and availability.

Some of my work is also available in the Monet Gallery,  85 Great Eastern Highway, South Guildford, Western Australia.

New material has been added to this site following my solo “Thriving, Surviving & Endangered”  exhibition in November 2017 and again in August 2018.


Commissions will be quoted individually.  I can work from your photographs or my own.  If you are using an image that was taken by somebody else, please ensure you have the permission of the photographer who owns the copyright.

Pricing of commissions is determined by size and complexity and will range from $380.  Complexity will depend on a number of considerations including background, the number of animals or people in the scene and the inclusion of complex harness or carriages. All these elements  will add to the degree of difficulty and therefore, the time taken.

For example a simple head and shoulders of a dog such as Rogue the Dogue de Bordeaux or horse on a small canvas (35 cm x 28 cm) would be in the cheaper range.

Dogue de Bordeaux
Rogue the Dogue

A large canvas depicting a group action scene such as a polocrosse match that includes a complex background would be among the higher priced commissions.




Most of the paintings I do are from my own photographs but it is not always possible for me to see the animal.  If you request a commission from your own photograph, remember this is the most critical part of the process.  Make sure the image is clear and captures your pet’s personality.  It is hard to create a good  painting from a bad photograph.  It helps to provide multiple photographs of the same animal before deciding on what is most suitable.

In some of my work, I have created historical scenes from old, grainy black and white magazine images (e.g. Six Horse Team).  This is not the ideal way to work but can sometimes result in a pleasing scene without much detail.

Team of six draft horses
Six Horse Team

Please use the contact form or email me directly at  to discuss individual requirements. 


The copyright of all material sold or shown on this web site remains with the artist.